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Week 1, September 8-14

Watch this Romans Video

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Read Romans 1

Read Romans 2

Read Romans 3

Read Romans 4

Reflection Questions:

Chapter 1

1.    What did Paul mean in 1:14 that he had a great sense of obligation?  Are there people or groups of people that you sense an obligation to?  Who?

2.    Reflect on 1:16-17.  How does the Bible say a person has life?  How is this kind of life unique from all the living people around us who have not yet heard and accepted the Good News?

3.    Reflect on 1:21-23.  What happens to people who substitute the pursuit of a created thing more than their creator?  What idols are most prevalent in our world today – what entities / qualities are sought after more than a relationship with God?  Which are most subversive to you?


Chapter 2

1.    Knowing the context (Jews verse Gentiles), re-read 2:1-4.  How does Paul confront people who are too self-assured of their relationship with God?

2.    How does Paul describe a “true Jew” – a true member of God’s household – in 2:28-29?


Chapter 3  

1.    What does Paul say in 3:19-20 is the purpose of all the Old Testament commands and regulations on people?  Reflect on your own life for a while.  How has God’s word done this in you?

2.    Read 3:27-31 with the context of Jews VERSES Gentiles in a divided church.  How do these verse “level the playing field” in a church?  What does this means for our church today?  For your relationships with believers who have a very different background than you?


Chapter 4 

1.    What does Paul say makes a person a true descendant of Abraham in 4:11-13?

2.    In verses 4:20-25 recounts the decade-long wait that Abraham had to endure between God’s promise of a child and the birth of Isaac.  What quality did Abraham exhibit during his long period of waiting that led God to declare Abraham as righteous?

3.    What’s the longest you’ve had to wait on God to come through?  A year?  A few years? A decade?  How does waiting PROVE and STRENGTHEN faith?