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Week 3, September 22-28

Watch Sunday’s Talk

Read Romans 8

Read Romans 9

Read Romans 10

Read Romans 11

Reflection Questions

Chapter 8

1.    Reread 8:5-8. What word is repeated over and over? (Most translations will use the word “mind” or “think” about 5 times.)  How do you think your mind, sin, and the Holy Spirit are related?  Are there particular thought process that are more under the control of sin than the Holy Spirit?

2.    In 8:22-30 Paul lays out a powerful perspective of suffering.  How does the Holy Spirit empower us through our suffering seasons? How does the foreknowledge and sovereign purposes of God encourage us?

3.    WORTH MEMORIZING – read and reread 8:31-39.  Powerful. Spirit-Inspired. Soul-Boosting.  Life-Transforming.


Chapter 9

1.    Chapter 9 is one of the best portions of Scripture that reveals the humanly incompressible reconciliation of God’s sovereign plan for people and people’s responsibility for their choices.  Paul’s summary is in 9:19-23.  Essentially, God is the creator and he can do as he wills AND God is merciful, patient, and kind – even to those destined for destruction.

2.    Reread 9:30-31. Have you noticed that God works in mysterious ways?  Who do you know that was part of the “least likely to know God” group that found Jesus?


Chapter 10 Reflection Questions

1.    Have you experienced the salvation process that Paul writes about in 10:9-13?

2.    In 10:14-15 Paul throws a series of rhetorical jabs.  Who in your sphere of influence has never even heard about a life-saving relationship with God through Jesus?  How can those people call out for salvation IF THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW?  Who has God brought into your life that needs to hear the Good News?


Chapter 11

1.    It was important to Paul that the Gentile believers in Rome not look down upon the Jewish people who had not come to Jesus.  What’s the right attitude for believers to have toward those who are not yet following Jesus?