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Week 2, September 15-21

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Reflection Questions

Chapter 5

1.    Re-Read 5:1-5. What are the two headline results of justification by faith that Paul chooses to highlight?  (Peace with God & Hope in the midst of Trial)  

a.    Reflect on a time when your relationship with God brought unexplained peace in the midst of trial.  

b.    Reflect on a time when your relationship with God was insecure – yet Jesus reminded you that you were saved by grace.

2.    How did the sin of Adam impact the world?  How did the gift of Jesus impact the world?  Reflect on this foundational truth – there are only two kinds of humans, those of Adam and those of Jesus.  How is this true?


Chapter 6

1.    What does Paul say is the symbolic moment of being united to Jesus’ death and resurrection in the first few verses?  Have you been baptized since deciding to be a Jesus follower?  If not, click HERE.

2.    Take some time to slowly read then mediate on 6:12-14.  Ponder what parts of your life are most likely to be controlled by sinful desires.  What sinful thoughts tend to trap you?  What sinful emotions most easily capture you?  What sinful parts of your history still haunt you?  How can you experience more of God’s power to transform those areas of your life?


Chapter 7

1.    In 7:4-6 Paul tells us there is a new power at work in those who are in Jesus.  What is that power?  How does a follower of Jesus remain empowered?

2.    7:14-25 illuminates the spiritual tug-of-war that exists in our life.  What’s been your biggest tug-of-war in your life? How can the power of the Holy Spirit bring victory for you life?