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Week 4, October 6-12

Watch Sunday’s Talk

Read Romans 12

Read Romans 13

Read Romans 14

Read Romans 15

Read Romans 16

Reflection Questions 

Chapter 12

1.    Compare 12:1-3 to 8:5-8.  What’s the shared theme?  The mind is often called the “spiritual battleground.”  What’s fighting in your mind today?

2.    List the God-given gifts that Paul names in 12:6-13.  Are there one or two of them that strike a chord with you?  What does Paul say about that particular gift(s)?


Chapter 13

1.    What is the proper attitude to authority?

2.    12:8-10 distills the laws of God to a single element.  What is that primary command?


Chapter 14

1.    How do arguments between believers over “minor right and wrong” issues divide a church and destroy the work of God?

2.    Read 14:4 and 14:10-12.  What does Paul say is the proper way to view each other in the Jesus-following community? What should be the aim of every believer? (see 14:19)


Chapter 15 Reflection Questions

1.    You can hear the pastoral heart of Paul in 15:7-9 as he seeks to bring harmony between opposing cultural viewpoints of the Jews and Gentiles.  With what cultural views in our church do you struggle? What can the Holy Spirit do in you to help you live in harmony with them?

2.    Reread 15:20-24. This gives us a glimpse into Paul’s heart as a missionary to people who have never had the opportunity to know of Jesus.  Take a few moments to ask God to send Jesus-followers to share Good News with those who have never heard.  Who in your life has never heard?  Will you go?


Chapter 16

1.    Paul lists a long list of friends who were in Rome.  Who are you top ten friends in Jesus?

2.    What kind of people does Paul tell the church to avoid?